The Events Fraternity is a dedicated marketing and events studio that ensures the conceptualisation and implementation of below-the-line marketing and project management strategies. Through this, we forge and manage strategic relationships with brands to ensure that maximum business outputs are yielded as a result of better suited marketing tool kits.

fra·ter·ni·ty | fr ’trntē/
A group of people sharing a common profession or interests


EF merges conventional marketing concepts with more innovative and technologically fuelled initiatives, to differentiate the company’s services mix. Strategically placing itself, the company is dedicated in being the key mediating force between brand giants and marketing services. This unique approach advances the business and gains The Events Fraternity a credible reputation that delivers sustainable solutions to the many project management predicaments facing our clients.

We also research and come up with new project concepts for client’s needing to diversify their operations, whilst maintaining a brand dialogue with their targeted markets. In so doing, we are able to seamlessly integrate our services to become an outsourced marketing department; on a retainer or per project basis.